Maincomponent replacement : 

Gearboxes ,Generators, Blades & Blade bearings,Rotor removal and Replacement ,Mainshaft Replacement,replacing HV transformers. 


HV Transformer inspections on KW and MW Turbines. MW Turbines, testing of arc detection system to Trip HV Switchgear,Checking all mountings and busbars for cracks.

Blade cleaning service inspection Reports and Repairs.
Testing of lighting protection system in the blade.
Fitting of 3M Leading edge tape .
Gearbox inspections using Boroscope and reports supplied.
Up Top HSS and IMS  Bearing replacements on Gearboxes. 
Generator bearing replacements.
Vibration analysis on gearboxes and generators.
End of warranty inspections Prior to O&M Contract expiring.
We also supply Servicing and faultfinding and Repairs of wind Turbine control systems.