Wind Turbine Services ,works with a safety first policy,utilising training and a safe system to work to carry out all tasks and prevent  the possibility of an accident and damage to plant.

Wind Turbine services is a highly experienced company based in the west coast of Scotland who do work on windfarms from the Shetland Islands, Down to the south west of Ireland. 

The Smallest machine we work on is a Vestas V27 225 kw and the Largest is a Vestas V80 2.0mw.
Currently we are working with Private developers who have all been looked after and are happy with the service they have received.
We have Technicians who have over 12 years experience in the Wind Industry and have worked 
with a Large Turbine Supplier for most of their Career.
The Technicians have an abundant knowledge and a track record of successfull repairs keeping Turbine downtime to minimum and customers happy.
Our Technicians have Carried out maintenance on Wind Turbines from 225KW up to 3MW and have been involved in construction projects both onshore and offshore.